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Editing automated email message text

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All automated emails in helpdesk can be personalized according to the needs of an organization. With the availability of different language phrases it becomes handy to modify the content of automated emails (Autoresponder, registration email, survey email, etc.).

NOTE: For information about modifying the variables included in automated emails, please refer to our user guide article on customizing notification email templates. 

Let’s start with the steps…

Language phrases of a particular language can be modified under:

Admin Interface > Languages > Search

On this page, you need to enter the search query that could be text (of an automated email), that you want to search, or its identifier. Select the type, language within which you want to search the query, and hit 'search'. On search, you will get the below page:

There are two text areas, the upper one will show the original content of the searched language phrase and the lower one will also show the same content (if it is not modified before). You cannot edit the content in upper text area, it is just for reference, and it will always show the original content corresponding to the searched language page. The lower text area is the one in which you can make the changes. Enter the content in the text area and hit 'Update'.

Registration email – The users receive registration email with their profile details (including their password), once they register. There are two different registration emails; one that is dispatched when a client registers from Client Interface manually, and other when a client is registered automatically when he/she submits a ticket for the very first time. The two different language phrases are listed below:

is used when client registers from Client Interface
is used when client is registered automatically in help desk when submits a ticket for the first time

Autoresponder email – It is dispatched as an acknowledgement to the ticket creator confirming the receipt of ticket in help desk. Autoresponder email phrases include:


Survey email - It is sent to the user asking for their rating and feedback, when their ticket is moved to Closed status (provided ‘Send satisfaction survey email’ option is enabled, under Admin Interface > Tickets > Statuses > Closed > Options). Languages phrases used in Survey email are:


Auto Close email - Auto Close mechanism is used to update the customers informing them that you are waiting for their response on the respective ticket, and further, to mark the ticket as resolved after defined hours. If you have an active auto close rule in your help desk, your users will receive ticket inactivity (Auto Close pending) and closure (Auto Close final) notification emails respective to rule criteria. Auto Close pending language phrases include:


and Auto Close final language phrases include:


Registration required email – It is sent if you have enabled ‘Registration required’ option under Email Queue settings for an email queue (Admin Interface > Email Parser > Email Queues > select the email queue > Ticket Options). Language phrases used in this email are:


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