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Kayako Classic User Guide

This user guide will bring you up to speed on key features, walk you through common tasks, and put you on the path to Kayako mastery.

  1. Quick Start Guides

    1. Start Here: Guide to setting up your helpdesk
    2. Guide to setting up Archiver custom app in Kayako
    3. Guide to helping your customers submit tickets
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  2. Support Tickets

    1. Organizing your support requests into departments
    2. Setting up email notifications for your staff
    3. Reusing common replies and updates using macros
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  3. Email Configuration

    1. Setting up email queues
    2. Optimizing the configuration of your email queues
    3. Setting up email forwarding for 'Pipe' email queues
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  4. Live Chat and Calls

    1. Enabling live chat on your support center and websites
    2. Installing and configuring Kayako Desktop
    3. Handling chats with Kayako Desktop for Mac
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  5. User Accounts

    1. Creating staff accounts and assigning them to teams
    2. Importing users from other CRM or mailing list
    3. Adding and managing user organizations
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  6. Custom Templates

    1. Understanding how custom templates work
    2. Best practices for editing Kayako Classic templates
    3. Using template groups to create a branded support experience
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  7. Reports and KQL

    1. Introduction to building and running reports
    2. Report types in Kayako Classic
    3. Introduction to Kayako Query Language (KQL)
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  8. Installations & Upgrades (Download Only)

    1. Installing Kayako Classic Download
    2. Server configuration requirements
    3. Upgrading (or downgrading) your Kayako Classic Download helpdesk
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  9. Advanced Configuration

    1. Common Kayako Classic errors – and what to do about them
    2. Sharing secure access to your Kayako Classic helpdesk
    3. Using custom SSL certificates with OnDemand
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  10. FAQs

    1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Kayako Classic
    2. About the continued support plans for Kayako Download legacy licenses
    3. How do I set a default status for replying to tickets?
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