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Adding and managing user organizations

Your customer user accounts can be grouped into organizations. The e-mail domain filter feature implemented within the user organization module allows you to specify any number of domain names that belong to a particular organization, enabling the system to detect incoming correspondence from an organization. Your support desk can automatically associate your tickets and new user accounts with the organization profile.

You can build profiles of the organizations you deal with, which contains the organization addresses, contact numbers, e-mail addresses and associate SLA plans to them.

Inserting and managing user organizations

In order to insert a new organization in the support desk system: 

  1. Click Insert Organization on the Users navigation menu bar.
  2. In Organization Name, insert the name of the organization/company.
  3. From Ticket visibility type, choose one of the following: 
    • Restricted: This type limits the visibility of the tickets to only the users who created them. 
    • Shared: In this type the tickets are visible to all users in the organization.
  4. You can add one or more tags, next to Insert Tag. These will be visible to the staff users only.
  5. In Email domain filters enter the domains belonging to this organization. Kayako Classic will automatically assign the users with email domains as members of this organization.
  6. Add any Notes to the organization that you wish. This note will be visible to the staff users only.
  7. Switch to the 'Profile' tab. 
  8. Fill out any relevant contact information for this organization. 
  9. From SLA plan override dropdown, you can select a default SLA plan for tickets from this organization, which will override all other SLA plan rules.
    NOTE: An SLA plan assigned to a user of this organization will supercede this setting.  
  10. You can also set an expiry date for the override in the SLA plan override expires on field. Upon expiry of the selected plan the support desk will use the default SLA rules to calculate the SLA plan for tickets raised by the users of this organization.
  11. Click Insert once you have specified all the required fields, to insert the newly created organization in the support desk.
  12. Once you've created an organization, you can come back and edit any of the settings above by clicking the Manage Organizations link in the toolbar:
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