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About the continued support plans for Kayako Download legacy licenses

We're actively rewriting our user guide, so check back for improved coverage.

Update: We will continue to support the last five versions of Kayako Classic Download and release new versions.  However, for those with a Perpetual Kayako Classic  Download license, you will need to renew your subscription to take advantage of the newest features.  

We have introduced a new continued support subscription for Kayako Download perpetual customers who want to continue receiving access to support and new product updates for Kayako Download.

Key phrases:

  • Kayako Classic Download - our on-premise help desk platform (that looks like this).
  • Perpetual license - a legacy license type for Kayako Classic Download which we stopped selling in July 2014. If you purchased your license before July 2014, yours will be a perpetual license, which is no longer supported.
  • Subscription license - an annual subscription license type for Kayako Classic Download which was introduced in July 2014, and is the only type we support.

The new continued support plans

Kayako Classic Download perpetual license customers who want to continue receiving access to new releases, updates and support will need to convert their perpetual license to an annual subscription license, which is available to existing customers at a discount.

The subscription cost for these annual licenses is based on the number of staff user accounts you need.

  • Starting at $25 per staff user per month for Kayako Case and Kayako Engage, billed annually
  • $39 per staff user per month for Kayako Fusion, billed annually

We're also happy to discuss special pricing for:

  • very small businesses
  • large numbers of staff users
  • unusual use-cases regarding your user allocations

Questions answered

Why do I need to pay more for my Kayako Classic Download renewal?

Depending on when you purchased your Kayako Classic Download perpetual license, the new subscription license may cost more to renew each year than what you had historically paid.

We needed to make this change because we could no longer sustain the support and development of the product for our customers on low-cost legacy renewal pricing. 

By bringing Kayako pricing up to date and more inline with the value it provides to your business, we'll be better positioned to invest more in the product you depend on. 

What happens if I don't subscribe to the new license type?

If you do not wish to renew your license on to a supported subscription license, you can continue using your Kayako Classic Download perpetual license. 

However, you won't be able to access new releases, updates and support. Your access to Kayako mobile apps may also lapse if your installation drifts too far out of date. 

What happens if I cancel my license subscription in the future?

Your subscription will renew automatically. If you cancel your subscription or let it lapse, you would lose access to your Kayako installation (i.e. the ability to reply to and update tickets), but you'd still have all of your data in your database. 

Your license key is tied to the license subscription.

If you have any specific concerns around business continuity, contact us to discuss.

What is a staff user, and how does the licensing work?

A staff user is anyone who needs to log in to the staff or admin area of your Kayako and support your customers (replying to tickets, accepting live chats, etc).

You need one staff user license for every enabled staff user account in your Kayako installation. You can see how many you have today in your admin control panel, under Staff -> Manage Staff.

I have an 'unlimited staff user' license?

Kayako subscription licenses are priced based on the number of staff users you have. If you have an 'unlimited staff user' license, you'll to pick a number and renew for the number of staff user accounts you need. 

Will I be able to add new staff users to my license?

You can add staff users to your license at any time, and would only need to pay the pro-rata difference. 

For example, if you were 7 months into your 1 year license subscription and you added a new staff user, you'd pay for the remaining 5 months for your term. 

You can also reduce the number of staff users on your license, but these changes won't affect your billing until your renewal.

What if I want to upgrade to the new Kayako?

As well as securing the most cost effective upgrade path to the new Kayako (because you can take your Kayako Classic Download subscription to the cloud), you can still upgrade to the new Kayako, at a time that suits you.

Any credit on your Kayako Download continued support plan subscription will be credited to your new Kayako cloud subscription when you upgrade.

Find out more here.

I need a lot of staff users, so this model won't work for me

If you need a large number of staff users, or have an unusual usecase with regards to your staff user utilisation, we're happy to tailor a proposal for you on the continued support plans - drop us a line with your license ID or domain name:

I'm an NPO, charity or academic institution - do I receive a discount?

This depends on your license type and the discounts you may have already received. Please contact us for more information:

What next for Kayako Classic

In the last year, we've released:

  • A new, responsive, mobile-friendly support center
  • The ability to merge user accounts
  • {placeholder} support for ticket replies
  • Rich text ticket replies
  • Custom field data now available for use in ticket notification templates
  • Improved searching in the support center
  • Your customers now have the ability to CC other recipients when creating tickets from support center
  • Significant speed and relevancy improvements to search in the staff area
  • Changes to improve auto-threading and conversation views in email services like Gmail
  • Significant email parsing improvements, including MS Outlook email attachment (.msg, .eml) parsing
  • Improved localization support
  • More than 20 security enhancements and fixes
  • 100s of other smaller improvements and fixes

Our focus is to continue to focus improving and developing what Kayako Classic is already good at: powerful and flexible and customisable workflows, and a productivity suite to make even small teams productive dealing with large numbers of support tickets.

While we don't have a public roadmap for any of our products, in the coming year, we'll be looking closely at (among other things) some popular feature requests, including: PHP 7 support, search improvements, keyboard shortcuts, ticket filtering in the support center, popular workflow feature  requests such as the ability to permanently close support tickets and email parser failure alerts, SLA improvements and the ability to better leverage custom field data in rules in Kayako.

We'd love to hear your feedback about what you'd like to see.

What next for your license renewal


To renew your Kayako Classic Download license, contact your renewals manager.


Our team is happy to answer any questions about your Kayako Download license, the new Kayako and the continued support plans. Send us an email:

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