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Resetting an administrator password without helpdesk access

We're actively rewriting our user guide, so check back for improved coverage.

If you are a Kayako On Demand customer, please contact customer support and we'll help you regain access to your helpdesk.

If you have a Download license and have installed Kayako on your own web server, you will need direct access to MySQL in order to reset a password.

Use the following MySQL query to fetch a list of your staff users:

select title,fullname,username from swstaff sw join swstaffgroup sg on (sw.staffgroupid=sg.staffgroupid);

Identify the username of the staff user you will reset the password of, then tailor this second MySQL query:

update swstaff set staffpassword=sha1('asd123!@#') where username='admin';

The second query will reset the password of the 'admin' staff user to 'asd123!@#'.

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