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Improvements made to Kayako Classic

Kayako Classic has seen a lot of improvements over the past year - from additional functionality, tighter security, and a fresh coat of paint to boot. Here’s a list of the latest and greatest that we’ve added to Kayako Classic: 

  • A new and fresh display for both the staff and customer experiences

  • New rich text editor for staff ticket replies ( HTML support! )

  • Added {{placeholder}} support when replying to tickets

  • Custom field data can now be used in autoresponders and ticket notification templates

  • You can now search and filter based on ticket tags.

  • You can now drag and drop / upload images directly into Knowledgebase and News articles

  • Added the ability to merge user accounts

  • Greatly improved live chat visitor monitoring performance

  • Added new auto-complete options when editing tickets to save you time

  • Introduced auto-fill suggestions to the ‘cc:’ field when forwarding a conversation

  • Error logs will now also tell you about SMTP issues for easier troubleshooting

  • Added attachment support for tickets when using the API

  • Added automatic refreshing of the ticket screen when performing certain actions, such as adding a note.

  • Added new filtering options to make it easier to find things within your Mail Parser logs

  • You can now prevent staff from using their own email address when replying to a ticket.

  • Recurring tickets will now retain their CC recipients

  • Added email alerts which will inform admins if an email queue starts to get errors

  • Added support to reply to all known email addresses of a user and not just their primary email

  • Added option to prevent staff from creating crazy views which slowed down your help desks. 

  • You can now use Emojis within ticket subjects

The Kayako team remains committed to not only ensuring our customers continued access to the Classic product, but to improving that experience in a way that makes sense for your business. If you have additional questions regarding improvements made to Kayako Classic, you can get in touch at

Ready to renew your Kayako Classic subscription? Head to today.

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