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Kayako Classic 4.77 Release Notes

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  • [SWIFT-5061] - Added option for administrators to control maximum cases per page for individual views.
  • [SWIFT-5066] - The Knowledgebase and News wysiwyg editors now support drag/drop image upload.
  • [SWIFT-5060] - Emojis support has been added to case subjects.

Fixes and other improvements

  • [SWIFT-5082] - "From Email is Empty" error is logged if the FROM contains special characters
  • [SWIFT-2992] - Duplicate tickets displayed within Client Support Center when sorting according to status
  • [SWIFT-4479] - In Open Queue mode, transferred chat requests are not offered in Kayako Desktop if operator's status is set to 'Away'
  • [SWIFT-2440] - Help desk should not send follow up emails to the CC'd users of a ticket
  • [SWIFT-3297] - Improved pagination when searching cases from staff control panel.
  • [SWIFT-3654] - Attachment support has been added to the staff API for notifications and replies.
  • [SWIFT-3702] - In Open Queue mode, chats cannot be transferred to staff when live chat department is not assigned
  • [SWIFT-4424] - SLA plan is not applied if "clear Reply Due time" option is enabled for a status.
  • [SWIFT-4857] - Custom fields linked to Live chat (after chat) group are not updating
  • [SWIFT-4968] - First ticket post treated as plain text, even if it contains HTML.
  • [SWIFT-5034] - Current year within yearly ticket recurrence is now supported
  • [SWIFT-5054] - Resolved and Autoclosed date show different timestamps in reports.
  • [SWIFT-5063] - Improved support and error messages when "open_basedir" is enabled
  • [SWIFT-5069] - Emails from iPhones are being parsed blank
  • [SWIFT-5079] - Merging users generates a PHP error
  • [SWIFT-3020] - Survey email should be sent after a ticket is closed
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