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Kayako Classic 4.74 Release Notes

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  • Rich text editor support for staff ticket replies (enable it under Ticket Settings and "Enable TinyMCE Editor" in the admin area)
  • Custom field data can now be used in autoresponders, ticket notification templates

Fixes and other improvements

  • Security issue (high priority) - see advisory
  • SWIFT-3226 - All scheduled reports should run at a single instance
  • SWIFT-4794 - If SLA associated with a ticket is deleted, on forwarding the ticket - reply due is set to 'Overdue'
  • SWIFT-4931 - The Resolution Due time gets reset on Staff reply
  • SWIFT-4937 - Closing a ticket along with a reply doesn't dispatch survey email
  • SWIFT-4963 - User receives blank emails when staff replies from mobile apps
  • SWIFT-2403 - Line breaks not added in notification
  • SWIFT-2416 - Special characters are filtered out, while specifying email address (with special characters) in the 'To' field while creating ticket from Staff CP
  • SWIFT-2843 - The number of search results changes when sorting by column
  • SWIFT-3006 - Memory Leakage on enabling 'Enable Post Preview in Ticket List'
  • SWIFT-3052 - Rating scale for ticket only displays 5 points even if added more than this
  • SWIFT-3096 - When you export a language file and import it on another Kayako installation of the same version, multiple errors are displayed.
  • SWIFT-3235 - Notifications are not working with Staff APIs
  • SWIFT-3764 - setlocale() statement (under config.php) does not support Russian date format
  • SWIFT-3852 - Bold the Scandinavian letters in KB article contents breaks the encoding of KB article under KB listing
  • SWIFT-4133 - Attachment is not sent in staff reply emails, for the tickets updated using Staff API.
  • SWIFT-4165 - URL Encoding characters rendering issue in ticket posts.
  • SWIFT-4233 - Private replies are sent to users, if 'User' is selected in 'New reply from staff' notifications.
  • SWIFT-4428 - If we put some text above the body and br tags placed consecutively, Kayako purges the text above these tags 
  • SWIFT-4445 - Issue with SLA plan being applied on tickets in Resolved Status
  • SWIFT-4465 - Language selected under user's profile should be indicated at the support center language drop down option after login
  • SWIFT-4594 - Invalid Department App default PIPE email queue
  • SWIFT-4614 - Incorrect Reply Due time is calculated if the same ticket is replied by multiple staff members in different timezones.
  • SWIFT-4728 - Signatures does not work with autoclose emails
  • SWIFT-4816 - 'Creator/Replier' option under ticket search does not display tickets that are created by staff (with Send an email option)
  • SWIFT-4873 - Helpdesk should parse emails containing no recipient details.
  • SWIFT-4927 - With strip HTML tags setting enabled partial HTML content is stripped off at staff cp
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