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Kayako Classic 4.78.1 Release Notes

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  • You can now search and filter based on ticket tags.
  • Admin notification if an email cannot be fetched from an email queue.
  • In case of multiple email addresses for user account, there should be an option under User account to be enabled for sending ticket updates to all the email addresses.

New Feature and Improvements

  • [SWIFT-1061] - Ability to filter and search according to ticket tags
  • [SWIFT-1175] - Admin notification if an email cannot be fetched from an email queue
  • [SWIFT-1683] - Added the ability for a user to receive notification emails on all their configured email addresses
  • [SWIFT-896] - Improved canned response formatting
  • [SWIFT-1116] - Manage Knowledgebase pages can now be sorted via 'Last Update'
  • [SWIFT-1360] - 'Auto Refresh' setting now works for filters

Fixes and other changes

  • [SWIFT-791] - Improved Knowledgebase article formatting when using quick insert into a staff reply
  • [SWIFT-1326] - Fixed a bug where staff teams did not obey Knowledgebase category restrictions
  • [SWIFT-4446] - Fixed a bug where Resolved date and Creation date were identical if using the release tab to make amendments
  • [SWIFT-4782] - Fixed a bug where adding email recipients name using commas caused malformed addresses to be added
  • [SWIFT-5067] - Fixed a bug where the SMTP server password did not accept %12 in the password
  • [SWIFT-5077] - Improved HTML formatting when using the strip tags option
  • [SWIFT-5097] - Fixed a bug which lead to Infinite loops with several custom fields.


We released a minor product build to fix the following defects:

  • [SWIFT-5117] - Different Ticket count shown for shared organization users
  • [SWIFT-5128] - SLA timers getting reset to previous values while replying the tickets
  • [SWIFT-5132] - Rest API issue with attachments accessible without ticket permission.

If you are currently using Kayako 4.78.0, a patch update is possible by updating only the files below:

  • '__apps/tickets/api/class.Controller_TicketAttachment.php'
  • '__apps/tickets/models/Ticket/class.SWIFT_Ticket.php'
  • '__apps/tickets/staff/class.Controller_Ticket.php'
  • '__swift/apps/base/models/User/class.SWIFT_UserEmail.php'

Please contact our support team, if you are looking to perform a patch upgrade. 

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