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Kayako Classic 4.91.1 Release Notes


  • Ability to import users from CSV files
  • Enhanced database performance
  • Improved support for sending emails when using PHP 5.6
  • Design and usability updates and tweaks to the UI update, based on your feedback
  • Updated several internal libraries to improve performance and stability 

Upgrade notes: You'll need to restore the 'clientcss', 'footer', and 'submitticket_form' templates, after the update. Also, if you're a Kayako Classic Download customer upgrading from a much earlier version, make sure you review previous release notes as well. 


  • [SWIFT-5180] - Column 'hasattachments' is now populated for tickets created by the email parser
  • [SWIFT-5262] - Fixed a Click Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability
  • [SWIFT-5275] - Fixed an issue preventing the creation of user accounts
  • [SWIFT-5200] - Fixed readme file links so they point to more helpful resources
  • [SWIFT-2690] - Search sometimes did not retain tickets from all statuses; it's now less forgetful
  • [SWIFT-2882] - Email queue passwords now understand that a + sign is acceptable content
  • [SWIFT-3498] - Setting the value '0' for 'Article Preview Character Limit' no longer displays random dots
  • [SWIFT-3504] - Tickets no longer apply deleted autoclose rules
  • [SWIFT-4086] - Notifications based on ticket notes now display the correct contents
  • [SWIFT-5168] - Removed extra lines when trying to use Staff Replies and Signatures
  • [SWIFT-5184] - When disabling count articles in sub categories setting, you can still see those articles now
  • [SWIFT-5199] - superscript characters are no longer stripped from tags
  • [SWIFT-5222] - "acfinalintro" phrase was picking up the wrong value for "status" and "hours" in the final autoclose notification email, fixed it
  • [SWIFT-5224] - Improved support for sending emails when using PHP 5.6
  • [SWIFT-5227] - subject strings now support UTF-8 4-byte characters
  • [SWIFT-5234] - Fixed bugs related to our new UI and removed unnecessary scroll bars
  • [SWIFT-5235] - 'defaulttitle' language phrase no longer looks odd on the help center.
  • [SWIFT-5237] - Drop Down text is now visible when using Internet Explorer 11.
  • [SWIFT-5261] - Improved column spacing when using large displays

New Features

  • [SWIFT-5008] - Ability to import users from CSV files
  • [SWIFT-5220] - Enhanced database performance
  • [SWIFT-5169] - Kayako can now render mathematical representations


  • [SWIFT-5185] - Upgraded URLify third-party library to latest build
  • [SWIFT-5186] - Upgraded Text_Diff third-party library to latest build
  • [SWIFT-5187] - Upgraded SQLParser third-party library to latest build
  • [SWIFT-5238] - We now highlight empty or required fields on Support Center
  • [SWIFT-5166] - Turned on Captcha for ticket creation by default in the Support Center


We released a minor product build to fix the following defect and added support for ReCaptcha version 2. 

  • [SWIFT-5283] - Error: strip_tags() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given (./__apps/tickets/library/Notification/class.SWIFT_TicketNotification.php:595)
  • [SWIFT-4747] - Support for ReCaptcha version 2

If you are currently using Kayako 4.91.0, a patch update is possible by updating only the files below:

  • __apps/tickets/models/Ticket/class.SWIFT_Ticket.php
  • __swift/apps/base/library/Captcha/class.SWIFT_CaptchaReCaptcha.php

Please contact our support team, if you are looking to perform a patch upgrade. 

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