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Kayako Classic 4.75 Release Notes

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  • SWIFT-5007 - Add {{placeholder}} support for ticket replies 

How to use placeholders in replies

Within the reply/forward area, you can use the below placeholders. When the reply is sent, the placeholder will be replaced with the information it represents. 

Customers Fullname : {{fullname}}
Customers Forename : {{forename}}
Customers Surname : {{surname}}
Customers Title : {{title}}
Customers Salutation : {{salutation}}
Customers Organization : {{organization}}
Customfield : {{custom_field[CustomFieldName]}}

Fixes and other improvements

  • SWIFT-4998 - Missing " > " while using quote button when    TinyMCE is disabled
  • SWIFT-5001 - Increase default font size of TinyMCE    editor
  • SWIFT-5003 - Focus cursor on TinyMCE composition box when    replying to ticket
  • SWIFT-4668 - User Passwords are displayed in plain    text
  • SWIFT-4995 - Unable to quote posts with inline attachments    older than 3 days for OnDemand customers
  • SWIFT-4567 - TicketCount API displays incorrect results    when there are multiple departments
  • SWIFT-4980 - Third party replies are sent to ticket    creator when 'User' is selected in 'New reply from end   user'  notifications
  • SWIFT-4990 - Line breaks are skipped on    disabling the TinyMCE editor
  • SWIFT-4993 - Issues with Greek characters
  • SWIFT-2103 - Adding a user note via ticket Followup results    in [User Error] Warning
  • SWIFT-3635 - User is redirected to an invalid URL when    'Restrict Users Group' setting is enabled under Template   Group  settings
  • SWIFT-4374 - SLA are not applied again after the SLA    has been set via Escalation rules
  • SWIFT-4504 - Difference in date & time with 'Date' type    Custom Fields
  • SWIFT-4779 - Ticket properties are not updated correctly    when replying to tickets.
  • SWIFT-4991 - TinyMCE editor adding extra lines within    emails being sent
  • SWIFT-4992 - Using \X strips off remaining    content
  • SWIFT-4994 - Notice Undefined variable:    _ReplyTabObject encountered in some cases
  • SWIFT-4999 - Specific HTML headers can cause blank    tickets
  • SWIFT-5002 - TinyMCE editor does not load for non-English    languages
  • SWIFT-5004 - KB articles are inserted twice when using the    quick insert menu
  • SWIFT-5005 - Sendgird adds img source code in outgoing    emails for OnDemand customers
  • SWIFT-5018 - Custom Fields are not rendering correctly    within notification emails
  • SWIFT-2670 - SwiftMailer library occasionally adding    additional fullstops within URLs in email   notifications
  • SWIFT-5000 - Unable to trigger staff reply when switching    between tabs with TinyMCE editor enabled
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