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Kayako Classic 4.79 Release Notes

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  • The CC field on the 'Forward' tab now has auto-fill suggestions
  • SMTP server errors are now added to the error logs when there is an issue.
  • If the `Include ticket reply summary in staff replies`option is enabled, those summaries will now appear below a breakline.
  • For tickets created with the Staff API, attachments will now come through with the reply emails.

New Feature and Improvements

  • [SWIFT-4767] - Auto-suggestion is not working for CC option under the Forward tab
  • [SWIFT-4831] - SMTP errors should be logged under error logs for notification emails when there is an issue with SMTP server.
  • [SWIFT-3740] - Ability to select which attachments to purge (i.e. tickets, knowledgebase, etc)

Fixes and other changes

  • [SWIFT-5136] - Convert text box into select drop down for option Maximum number of emails to download in a batch
  • [SWIFT-5137] - Enable breaklines in Staff replies by default if someone enables the option `Include ticket reply summary in staff replies`
  • [SWIFT-5138] - Check and alert if `Email size limit` is more then the PHP memory_limit
  • [SWIFT-2230] - Filter results/Advanced search does not show all the ticket IDs if search limit is set as default
  • [SWIFT-2275] - SLA plan associated with User always overrides SLA plan for the tickets when user further replies the ticket
  • [SWIFT-4495] - Encrypted value of Custom Fields is visible in ticket list when seen under a 'View'.
  • [SWIFT-5035] - User email address is replaced with the Staff email address
  • [SWIFT-5058] - Placeholder used for 'username' for 'Send Email' tickets shall pick user name, instead of staff name
  • [SWIFT-5085] - User Search breaks while using Quick Filter
  • [SWIFT-5108] - Attachment is not sent in the reply email sent to customer for the tickets created using Staff API
  • [SWIFT-5115] - Increasing rating scale limit from 8 to 10
  • [SWIFT-5121] - Add valid kb article link for expiry message
  • [SWIFT-5125] - "acfinalintro" phrase is picking up wrong value for "status" and "hours" variable in final autoclose notification email for "Deutsch (DE)" language pack
  • [SWIFT-5126] - Admin receiving email parser alerts for banned email address as well
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