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Kayako Classic 4.93.01 release notes

After a successful launch of PHP 7 support, we are still focusing on product enhancement & stabilization. Below are the highlights.

Customer Defects [Fixed]

[KAYAKOC-6655]  Rendering of Mathematical representation including "<" or ">" symbols.
[KAYAKOC-3955]  Incorrect date format under the Release tab.
[KAYAKOC-6716]  Setting 'Overdue ticket background color' is not working as expected.
[KAYAKOC-7302]  Merging user accounts issue.
[KAYAKOC-4793]  Column Alias does not work for Custom Fields in KQL.
[KAYAKOC-7154]  Text on Printed Tickets are small.
[KAYAKOC-4325]  Search ticket API does not seem to get all the results.
[KAYAKOC-6701]  Visitor tracking still works when chat is offline.
[KAYAKOC-7487]  "Validate news subscriber email address" setting issue.
[KAYAKOC-6235]  Ticket Escalation does not happen if the number of tickets to be escalated is more 1000.
[KAYAKOC-7603]  Compare template option broken, displaying a blank page.
[KAYAKOC-7630]  HTML contents are displayed in the outgoing email when a ticket is forward to third party.
[KAYAKOC-7709]  Tinymce js is not cached.
[KAYAKOC-7740]  Staff reply text is rendered in a single line in the ticket post with TinyMCE disabled.
[KAYAKOC-7774]  Inline images in incoming emails/tickets are not working.
[KAYAKOC-7859]  Problems with substrings and unicode characters.
[KAYAKOC-5770]  System doesn't import the Holidays that don't have any Flag defined in SLA Holidays section.
[KAYAKOC-6539]  Data in Fields "Reply to the email" and "Forward the email" was not saved during update or creation of Parser Rules.
[KAYAKOC-7155]  Update' button in Header Logos page of Templates does nothing when clicked without entering any data
[KAYAKOC-7164]  Staff-Categories  - Parent category - Edit mode - Text corresponding to "Inherit" is seen (Inherit radio button not seen)
[KAYAKOC-7196]  Sorting based on "Last Activity" is reversed in Active Sessions Admin of Diagnostics
[KAYAKOC-7225]  Reports are broken for selective arguments with any key variable.
[KAYAKOC-1065]  Long and wide tables do not have bottom horisontal scroll stick to the bottom of the window.
[KAYAKOC-1577]  User role is not getting updated as "Manager" even after setting default user designation setting as "Manager".
[KAYAKOC-2383]  "Recurrence Starts" field under 'Recurrence' tab in Tickets accepts past date.
[KAYAKOC-2488]  Widget icon is displayed incompletely in Customer Portal.
[KAYAKOC-6599]  Edit Ticket Type window in Admin Login is incomplete and has the content partially hidden.
[KAYAKOC-7135]  The user policy with name default cannot be found on AddServer call.
[KAYAKOC-7162]  Last updated article is not the first article to be displayed on HelpCentre.
[KAYAKOC-7201]  Missing scroll bar in tab "Settings Tickets" in Edit Template screen that blocks user from displaying option "user can select a ticket priority".
[KAYAKOC-7206]  Scheduled Tasks : When we sort by "Runs every" column , all records will be cleared.
[KAYAKOC-7212]  Exception error is displayed when running scheduled task "Auto Close".
[KAYAKOC-7304]  Cache records on Diagnostics > Cache Info, are not clickable.
[KAYAKOC-7325]  Observing error while creating a ticket by staff credential.
[KAYAKOC-7334]  Issue when opening Macros under Tickets in Staff Panel.
[KAYAKOC-7366]  "Insert Category" under Macros throwing errors.
[KAYAKOC-248]  Browsing session is not getting removed despite the user idle more than configured limit.
[KAYAKOC-3660]  Custom fields description is at wrong place.
[KAYAKOC-7309]  The Quick filter 'Type' under Staff Panel->News->Categories filters articles instead of categories
[KAYAKOC-7468]  Running reports without KQL throws error.
[KAYAKOC-4433]  Email field in comment section accepting invalid emails.
[KAYAKOC-4468]  Manage Reports : When we export report as HTML, the exported report is missing icon.
[KAYAKOC-6774]  Video was not displayed when opening ticket from Staff panel for tickets created from Helpcenter.
[KAYAKOC-6792]  Incorrect Description for Starts on Field in Option tab under Manage News section for Staff Panel.
[KAYAKOC-7485]  Chat survey form without data submission issue.
[KAYAKOC-7492]  Printing a ticket that includes note, the note was not printed in Staff Panel Tickets section.
[KAYAKOC-7601]  When CAPTCHA doesn't match, an error message is displayed and the content typed in Subject disappears.
[KAYAKOC-2990]  Show/Hide Ticket Tree Side bar is not working .
[KAYAKOC-4327]  Errors while Reports without a report category.
[KAYAKOC-7211]  Incorrect delete message is displayed while deleting an Email Parser Rule.
[KAYAKOC-373] Autoresponder should be sent in user's preferred language.
[KAYAKOC-7668]  Details of a visitor that visited page previously is displayed while initiating a Live Chat as a different registered user.
[KAYAKOC-7851]  Admin can create multiple staff with same user name and email address via REST API.
[KAYAKOC-7861]  Edit Rating screen is missing vertical scroll bar, thus preventing some options from being displayed in Admin Rating Section.
[KAYAKOC-7782]  Move Attachments displays 111.00% after completion and displays incorrect data.
[KAYAKOC-7808]  Can't import out of dated Templates issue.
[KAYAKOC-7812]  Unwanted HTML tags are displayed in email with customer reply in ticket history.

For upgrade instructions, please follow this article. 

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