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Kayako Classic 4.92.4 Release Notes

We’re excited to announce a new Kayako Classic release which focuses on product stabilization. Below are the highlights:

  • Encrypted password storage for email queue

  • Better handling of white spacing in ticket content

  • Better user session management

  • Validation for profile image

  • SEO improvement

  • Email validation at HelpCenter 

Defects that are fixed:

Configuration settings

[KAYAKOC-244]: Text field "Clean up unverified accounts" should accept an Integer value

[KAYAKOC-240]: Wrong approximation value with decimal inputs under SLA plans

[KAYAKOC-255]: Incorrect sample URL for Flag icon under Language settings

[KAYAKOC-277]: Email queue password must be encrypted

[KAYAKOC-835]: Staff permission doesn't override team permission for custom fields

[KAYAKOC-2521]: Kayako doesn't validate profile image on size & type


[KAYAKOC-257]: Better user session management on HelpCenter

[KAYAKOC-265]: Language change at HelpCenter always redirects to the Homepage

[KAYAKOC-258]: Wrong confirmation message while adding comments under KB articles

[KAYAKOC-268]: Kayako should have email validation at HelpCenter

[KAYAKOC-304]: Kayako throws an error with multiple attachments option at HelpCenter

[KAYAKOC-372]: KB articles linked with the different categories shouldn't have different URLs

[KAYAKOC-2494]: ‘Remember me' option at Help Center is not working as it is expected


[KAYAKOC-402]: Kayako misinterprets the email address which contains Apostrophe(') 

[KAYAKOC-2475]: Incorrect notification contents for new staff reply notification criteria

[KAYAKOC-3152]: Better handling of white spacing in the ticket content

Please feel free to contact our support team for your queries. Find out more about Kayako Classic:  

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