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Kayako Classic 4.92 & 4.92.1 Release Notes

Find out more about Kayako Classic: This release is scheduled for upcoming Monday (July 30, 2018). 


  • GDPR compliance
  • New GUI improvements
  • Added a validation on the Expiry Session field in the admin panel
  • Security Fix

GDPR compliance changes

Help Center

  • New Checkbox field is added to "Register" form
  • New Checkbox field is added to "Submit a Ticket"  form 
  • New Checkbox field is added to "Subscribe" form (Newsletter) 
  • New Checkbox field is added to "Live Support" Form
  • A Cookie Banner now displays at the bottom of the page 
  • A modal pop up for Registration Consent now pops up for already existing users 

Admin Area 

  • New Top Level menu "User Consents" is added for modifying the policy for different locales. 

Note: A couple of things you need to take care of related to the templates & language packs.

1) Before proceeding with updating the templates, a backup of the templates is highly recommended especially if you have customizations. You will be asked to restore these templates to the latest original version (Default). This will undo your previous template changes and you will need to reapply them. 

2) GDPR phrases are added in the default language packs. You need to replace it with the existing one after the upgrade. Here you can download the updated language packs from or Github library.


  • [KAYAKOC-326] - Kayako Classic GDPR implementation
  • [KAYAKOC-321] - Line spacing is removed from RSS synced article previews
  • [KAYAKOC-323] - Increase popup sizes for notes UI
  • [KAYAKOC-11] -   Removed extra spacing from the ticket view grid

Security Fix

  • [KAYAKOC-266]- XSS vulnerability in 4.91.1

Please feel free to contact our support team for your queries. 

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