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How do I remove staff names from ticket replies?

We're actively rewriting our user guide, so check back for improved coverage.

If you would prefer to have your email replies come from a single, generalized support persona, rather than using individual staff members' names, you can do this with the help of email queues and the queue override feature. Email queue can be inserted from:

Admin CP > Mail Parser > Email Queues > New

and can be linked with a department. Further, "Queue Override" option needs to be enabled from:

Admin CP > Mail Parser > Email Queues > select email queue > Settings > Queue Overrides (Optional) > From Name (specify the name you wish your clients to receive in staff replies) for example : "Tech Support" .

Additionally, specify the name "Tech Support" under ticket settings at Admin CP > Settings > Tickets > Overridden Staff Name and enable the setting "Enable Staff Name Override".

Once done, clients will be able to view the name Tech Support in all the outgoing emails (autoresponder or staff replies) and also while viewing the tickets at client support center.

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