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How do I disable MySQL strict mode on the server?

MySQL strict mode controls how invalid or missing values in data changing queries are handled; this includes INSERT, UPDATE, and CREATE TABLE statements. With MySQL strict mode enabled, which is the default state, invalid or missing data may cause warnings or errors when attempting to process the query.

When strict mode is disabled the same query would have its invalid, or missing, values adjusted and would produce a simple warning. This may seem like the preferred result, however with strict mode disabled certain actions may cause unexpected results; for instance, when the value being inserted exceeds the maximum character limit it will be truncated to fit the limit.

In order for Kayako Classic Download to run on your server, you'll need to disable 'strict mode' in your MySQL database. You can do this by making a quick change to your configuration file: 

  1. Open either your my.ini or my.cnf file for editing.

    NOTE: Which file you have will depend on whether you're running Windows or Linux. 
  2. Find the following line:
  3. Change it to:
  4. After setting this value to blank, you'll need to restart  the MySQL service for the change to take effect.
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