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How do I report a bug?

We're actively rewriting our user guide, so check back for improved coverage.


  • The place to get support and report issues is the helpdesk:
  • If we identify or confirm a bug, we will log the bug in our development tracker:
  • If the bug is classed as critical, we will typically try to fix it in the next maintenance release. 
  • Only in rare and critical circumstances will patches be issued.
  • Other bugs and issues are prioritized, fixed and released depending on a number of considerations. 

Getting support and reporting an issue

If you discover an issue, the go-to place is always the helpdesk ( where you can speak with us by email or live chat. Our support team is happy to help diagnose, work around and of course fix any issue you raise.

Please provide us with as much information as possible to reproduce and diagnose the problem, including what you did, what you expected to happen and what happened instead.

If we identify a bug

As much care as we take and even when we test and test again, bugs do happen. If we identify that an issue you are experiencing with your helpdesk is due to a bug, we will escalate the bug to our development team.

We do this by logging the bug on your behalf in our development tracker ( Our support team will provide you with a link to the bug's entry on the development tracker, and you can optionally use this to track its progress. At this stage, we will also identify a priority. 

When a bug is critical

Depending on how critical the bug is and the feasibility of doing so (i.e. technically and if it does not require major architectural work), we may fix the bug in the next maintenance release and in rare cases provide you with a patch in the meantime.

Other bugs and issues

When prioritizing bugs, we will take into consideration the scope of the bug, whether a workaround is possible, how many customers are affected in typical usage scenarios and how difficult the bug is to fix. This determines when a bug will be fixed.

Generally, we do not provide estimated fix times for bugs and feature requests. However, when a fix is scheduled for a specific release, we will update the bug's entry on

Release types

We have three release types:

  • Maintenance release: (i.e. 4.60 to 4.61 to 4.62) typically smaller, more frequent releases which include a number of the most recent fixes and small improvements.
  • Feature release: (i.e. 4.60 to 4.70 to 4.80) are typically larger, less frequent releases which include new features and more substantial functionality changes.
  • Generational release: (i.e. 4.60 to 5.0) are big releases, introducing substantial generational changes which require additional upgrade steps or introduce new ways of working.
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