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How do I prevent emails from getting labeled as spam?

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If you are using a shared hosted environment, the emails may land into the SPAM folder when emails are sent using your own email address "", it is a common scenario on SaaS platform. When an email is received at users' end, the receiver's mail server can check whether the host sending the email is allowed to send an email coming from this email address or not. So, if you have setup the SaaS help desk as and are using as your email address to send emails, then you need to allow the Kayako servers' IP to send the emails on behalf of You will not face the issue when the emails are sent from help desk using the email address as is hosted with us and mapped correctly to our servers' IP address.


- This can be done by setting up the SPF records at your end. The SPF (Sender Policy Framework) allows a domain owner to create records in the DNS which indicate definitively about the servers that are authorized to send email for that domain. If an email claims to be sent from within a given domain, but it comes from a mail server not listed in the SPF data, it can be safely assumed that the email is lying about its source, and it can be rejected as SPAM. 

To resolve this, SPF record would need to be set at your end, allowing the SaaS servers' IP address to send emails on your behalf. You may check the SaaS server IP address by using nslookup command i.e. nslookup  You may also request for the IP address of related server from support

NOTE: For more information on setting up SPF for your Kayako account, please refer to this User Guide article

- If you have your own SMTP server, you may insert the SMTP access details in help desk at Admin CP > Settings > Email Settings.




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