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Why am I getting session expired errors?

We're actively rewriting our user guide, so check back for improved coverage.

Sometimes you may run into repeated session expirations, if your computer's internet connection assigns dynamic—rather than static—IP addresses. To keep your sessions from expiring every time your IP changes, you can tell Kayako not to validate your session using your IP address. 

The method for this fix depends on what version of Kayako you're using:

For Kayako OnDemand:

Please contact support and we'll make sure your server settings are updated. 

For Kayako Download 4.66 or newer

  1. Log in to the admin control panel.
  2. Click the Settings link and then the Security link. 
  3. Find Validate sessions by checking IP address and select 'No'.
  4. Click Update to save your changes.

For Kayako Download older than 4.66

  1. Log into your server and find '../swift/config/config.php'.
  2. Open the file for editing. 
  3. Search for the following:define('SESSION_IPCHECK', false);
  4. Replace 'false' with 'true' so it reads: define('SESSION_IPCHECK', true)
  5. Save your changes and make sure they're pushed live.
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