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Soliciting customer feedback with ratings

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The clients as well as the staff members can rate the support tickets, individual ticket responses, live chats on the scale of one to five. 

Ratings criteria can help to identify the vital issues with your support team and further to identify the area for improvement. You can view and manage the Ratings from:

 Admin CP > Ratings.

Ratings can be added for the following sections:

  • Ticket: Ticket Rating Offers rating for an overall ticket.
  • Individual ticket post rating: Through this, clients can submit overall ticket ratings and feedback, and can provide ratings for each individual ticket post as well.
  • Chat Survey: Once a chat has been closed, the customer is invited to take a satisfaction survey. The link to the survey contains a unique auth code which bypasses the need to log into the client support center before completing the survey.
  • Chat History: It offers ratings where internally the chats saved in chat history in the Staff Control Panel can be rated (intended for internal rating and auditing).

By default, the survey is enabled for the 'Closed' status. Whenever you change the ticket status to closed, a survey email is sent to the customer automatically.

You may verify this setting in admin panel from Admin CP > Tickets > Statuses > select status > 'Options' tab > Send satisfaction survey email, and enable it for the required status(es).Once the customer rate the ticket and shared the feedback, you can find the survey comments on the ticket itself as a private post. It is highlighted to differentiate it from an actual post.

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