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Can I bring my data from another helpdesk system to Kayako?

We're actively rewriting our user guide, so check back for improved coverage.

Can't afford to lose data in your current help desk? That is something you shouldn't be worrying about anymore!

We understand the importance of maintaining help desk data. We will help you migrate your tickets, knowledgebase, and other user information smoothly into a Kayako help desk of your choice, absolutely free of charge. 

To make this process even easier, we created a utility called Impex that automates the process of importing your data from another helpdesk system to Kayako. We already have a number of Impex modules for different helpdesks systems; you can find a current list on the Wiki

NOTE: If we do not have a module for your current helpdesk system, please let us know.

To get started on migrating your data into Kayako, please get in touch with us with the following information:

- Current help desk software that you are using.

- Size of the help desk's database.

- The Kayako license that you wish to purchase, and the number of seats required.

Send these details to

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